heyo ✨

My name is Kristin Au (pronounced /ou/) and I'm a senior product designer at Slack.

For a copy of my professional resume, please e-mail me.

My life story

🌱 I stumbled into design while studying Architecture at MIT. Low-key fascinated by productivity through usability, I pivoted to pursue a career in product design.

🌿 I moved to Tokyo to design sparkly mobile apps for Disney, learn Japanese, and eat ramen.

🪴 Having a new hankering for cioppino and owning house plants, I moved to San Francisco and was swept up by tech and startup culture.

🌳 Now fully settled into the Bay Area with too many house plants, I pursue my lifelong pursuit to become a polyglot, studying Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, ASL, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Thai to varying degrees of success.